KAAN Architecten has been selected to design a new terminal for Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, beating competitors including MVRDV, SOM, OMA and UNStudio. Film by WielandStudio
KCAP Architects&Planners has won the international design competition to redevelop ‘Sewoon District #4’ area in Seoul, Korea into a sustainable mixed-use area combining urban manufacturing and respecting its cultural heritage. 
Flexible, people-oriented design that starts from historic and cultural values. 
The world population is growing very fast. Especially in Asia and Africa. The demand for food will grow automatically with the growth of the population and the increasing welfare. More and more people are able to buy food. The big question is actually how and where are we going to produce this food and how healthy is the food we are massively need to produce. On the other hand we know that there are still one billion people that suffer from malnutricies food. Food production for a growing world population is an immense challenge. The number of arable land is decreasing whilst cities are growing to coop with the demand for housing. Citizens are literally on more and more distance from the agriculture places. Knowledge on healthy food production is decreasing and the logistics are increasing.
Floating Farm is an initative of: Beladon, Courage, Uit je Eigen Stad.
2015 RUG - ZERNIKEBORG / Ector Hoogstad Architecten 
University of Groningen presents design of Zernikeborg: a new science & engineering building
2014 METROPOLITAN FOOD VALLEYS / van Bergen Kolpa Architects  
Based on designs for the Cofco Eco Valley and the Cofco Agricultural Demo center by Wageningen UR, NRLVV Landscape and van Bergen Kolpa Architects.

2013 SINT LUCAS COLLEGE / Ector Hoogstad architecten 
Concept animation
2009 RENEWABLE CITY 2040 /  Doepel Strijkers Architects / Stedin B.V. 
Sustainable cities should generate at least as much energy as they consume and on a regional scale be self sufficient in the production of food. Closing energy, water and waste cycles on the building and district scale is one strategy to achieve this. 
2010 AMSTERDAMBRIEF / Ronald Wall, IHS/Erasmus University 
The position of Amsterdam within international foreign direct investment networks.
In assignment of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, a research has been carried by Ronald Wall, IHS/Erasmus University to define the relative position of the Dutch North-Wing within international Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). The study concerns inward and outward investments (2000-2009) within the European NUTS 2 regions. The North-Wing concerns the top half of the Randstad. This has resulted in a report and a supplementary animation of the total M&A network. 

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